music for apps: iVCS3 - an eternal album

by dave stafford



SSDL1754 music for apps: iVCS3 - an eternal album

release date: 20140417 label: pureambient

last updated: 20140426 current count of tracks: 8

hello and welcome to the newest eternal album, “music for apps: iVCS3" featuring one of the most interesting emulations of a vintage synthesizer that I've ever seen, a true classic - the amazing, groundbreaking VCS3 synth.

the legendary VCS3, as used by brian eno when he was part of roxy music, where he would often use it to "process" phil manzanera's guitar on stage, as well as play it; by peter sinfield from the soundboard for 1971 king crimson shows, using the VCS3 to "process" ian wallace's innovative drum solo; and by pete townshend of the who, to create the unusual solo that is the centrepiece of one of his most famous songs, "baba o'riley" - and by many many other artists in the late 1960s and throughout the progressive age - the first half of the 1970s.

now it's 2014, and the VCS3 has been transformed into an application for ios, and the detail and care that's been put into this emulation of the 1969 synthesizer, is beyond astonishing - it's absolutely amazing. it looks, feels and sounds like the real thing - that goes without saying. but the sound of it is so utterly unique, and it's one of those musical tools that is actually more suited for the turning of knobs, and the processing of other external signals - rather than just being "played" like a synthesizer.

for me, this is a true challenge, and this is the application synth that is going to make me truly understand modular synthesis, and during my first recording session with the iVCS3, I learned an enormous amount about synthesis 1969-style. I really cannot explain using just words, the visceral animal that this synth is, and it has so much personality, and an amazing, unique sound that is like no other electronic device I've ever heard.

using this synth to play ambient / drones - well, it's a match made in heaven, and even with only the most rudimentary understanding of the complexities of the iVCS3, I was able to create some pretty interesting, textural drones, and I plan to spend a lot of time working with this synth, and learning a lot more about it's particularly idiosyncratic design - and, make a lot more music with it.

these pieces are unlike anything in my catalogue, which I think is wonderful, and I have characterised them as mostly, drones; perhaps some can be considered to be properly "ambient" - but "drone" is good enough for me!

back to 1969 now - and hence to the music...

dave stafford
pureambient world HQ

upload history:

20140425 initial upload - 3 new tracks
20140426 upload - 5 new tracks


released April 17, 2014

dave stafford: iVCS3 application

all tracks composed, arranged, engineered, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by dave stafford for pureambient records.

all sounds played by dave stafford on the iVCS3.

technical note: approximately four seconds (or more) of silence has been added to the end of each recording, to allow for any running order that you, the customer, desires (since this is a completely user-configurable album); this added silence in no way affects the quality of the tunes.

it's also advised that this music be listened to through headphones to experience the full stereo effect - we feel that the tracks are best experienced via headphones; in stereo - if this isn't possible, then the best available stereo speakers will have to suffice.

finally - thank you for listening


all rights reserved



dave stafford Stirling, UK

ambient loop guitarist dave stafford performed on stage with robert fripp and the orchestra of crafty guitarists in early 2009, and again with robert fripp and the symphony of crafty guitarists in 2015, and has worked with ambient music and looping for over twenty years. stafford has a rich back catalogue of ambient and loop music, +rock, prog or acoustic crafty guitar music: ... more

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Track Name: another wrong door
Track Name: the end of the world
Track Name: through the glass dimly
Track Name: (stretching) the fabric of time and space
Track Name: uncertain journey
Track Name: timbre
Track Name: synthesized joy
Track Name: first contact

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